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#392 closed Fehler/Defekt (worksforme)

Narrow no-break space after certain characters

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Komponente: Treiber: Linux – Xkbmap Version: 2.0 Final
Stichworte: narrow no-break space e280af U+202F ubuntu Beobachter:


Somebody seems to have been so clever to turn the common space into a narrow no-break space (UTF8: 0xe280af, U+202F) after certain character combinations, for instance: "a && b" is turned into "61 20 26 26 E2 80 AF 62 0A" (hex) while it should be "61 20 26 26 20 62 0A". Same for "a + b".

This is utterly annoying when trying to write and compile code for instance, gcc does not like the narrow no-break space at all...

The issue is gone when setting the keyboard language to English or the classic German layout. The issue appears both on the command line with various terminals (tried: lxterm, gnome-terminal with bash/zsh) and graphical UIs like gedit.

Device: Odroid U3 (ARM)
Keyboard: Motorola Lapdock (USB)
OS: Ubuntu 14.04

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I cannot confirm this bug. can anyone else reproduce it?

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Isn't this rather a case of too slow release of <Mod3> before you hit <Space>? This is at least what frequently happens to me: I Type something like <space> <mod3>-<t><space> in order to write - but I don't get space hyphen space but space hyphen narrow now-break space

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So it seems to be no bug at all.

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